Villa, Domus, Insula

Ancient HomeIn Sahelian Africa, a area that spans the continent and is bordered by the Sahara to the north and the Sudanian Savanna to the south, the roofs of many houses are constructed with bush timber and straw. For historic astronomy and astrology — these disciplines, so completely different at present, were not so sharply separated in Antiquity — Caelum Antiquum (The Ancient Sky) is an orientation web page leading to a variety of major and secondary texts, but in addition to specific gadgets on historic chronology, eclipses, horoscopes, etc.Ancient Home

Ancient North Arabian is the identify given to a group of scripts belonging to the South Semitic script household, which additionally contains the Ancient South Arabian alphabets (musnad and zabūr) and the vocalized alphabets utilized in Ethiopia for Geʿez, Amharic, etc.

A Roman Atlas, a set of 19c maps overlaying many of the Roman world, a few of them indexed with historic and trendy placenames, longitude and latitude (both modern and historical in line with Ptolemy), bibliographical refs, web hyperlinks, etc.

The first focus of the project is discover and comment on open entry material relating to the traditional world, however I will even include different kinds of networked information because it comes out there. Many homes of the rich and noble had gardens and pools each inside and out of doors the house.Ancient Home

Up to now, AVN has educated four hundred masons and 440 apprentices in constructing these homes. This could have been the beginnings of the atrium, which was frequent in later houses. Audio system of the varied types of Arabic had to use a unique language for writing, such as Nabataean Aramaic or one of the Historical North Arabian dialects or Greek or, possibly, Sabaic.