The features you are getting in the AFB24-SR

The use of actuators for the process of fail safe and seriously it is actually modulating the control of dampers in HV AC systems. The size of the actuator could be mentioned in the manufacturer’s specification and seriously it is mentioned which actuator you should be getting. By the way, the actuator is mounted directly to a damper shaft at 1.05 in diameter and it means its Universal clamp. Actually, the crank arm and several mounting brackets are available in the applications whenever the actuator can’t be connected to a couple of damper shaft. The actuator response into 2 to10 VDC or with the addition of 500 resistors and this function actually mentioned in the afb24-sr actuator to indicate the Signals and not to be used for the master-slave application.

Salient features

  • Brushless DC motor

Whenever you should want to get the actuator for your machine within you could be getting easier but you need to once buy this model because it has brushless DC motor with actually helps you to works non-stop. This is one of the best actuators which you should be getting and seriously helps you to control the climate easily and whenever you should want to get the signals if any problem might be awkward on there then it would signify you.

  • The true spring return operation

The true spring return operation you should be getting whenever you once installed this actuator. The spring return operation for reliable failsafe application and seriously the positive close of on airtight damper. The spring return system actually provides the constant current to the damper and Seriously you don’t need to apply the power to the actuator. The 5 series model provides 95 degrees of rotation which actually is graduated position indicator showing 0 degrees to 95 degrees. The brushless DC motor is controlled by an application and specific Integrated circuit and also involved a microprocessor. The microprocessor the right intelligence to constant rotation rate and know about the exact fail-safe position. In stall conditions, the monitors and controls of brushless DC motor rotate it perfectly and prevent its damages. Actually, the actuator might be installed at any place in its normal rotation without any need of mechanical switches. This version of an actuator provided to built-in auxiliaries which are which seriously gives safety interfacing or signaling.


You need to remember all these mentioned below things whenever you once connect the actuator to the machinery.

  • By the way the appliance cables of the actuator in numbers
  • It provides overload protection and disconnects as required
  • Only you need to set up the connection to common negative leg of control circuits
  • The power consumption and input must be observed in the actuator and seriously it might be connected in parallel if it is not mechanically linked.
  • The functioning of built-in auxiliaries which is for the task of indication and Fan startup or interlock the control.
  • A 500 resistor converts the control signal into the 2 TO 10 VDC.