Main History

Ancient HomeRoman houses have been so well built, should you have been rich, that many examples of Roman houses exist throughout the Roman Empire. They were clear about the function of constructing a house, i.e. to stay protected against the weather and have a protected place to sleep, slightly than always expending their life energy on making an attempt to build bigger and fancier homes. Cornwall also has three Grade 1 listed gardens, quite a few shipwrecks and scheduled historic monuments.

In this STEM Challenge, students must design a model of an historical irrigation system by choosing one utilizing a guide (more info below). Clare Kelly Blazeby at the College of Leeds, UK, suspected that archaeologists had been missing something, so she took a brand new look at artefacts from several houses dotted round historical Greece, courting from 475 to 323 BC.

Dadanitic formerly known as ‘Dedanite’ and ‘Lihyanite’ was the alphabet used by the inhabitants of the ancient oasis of Dadan (Biblical Dedān, fashionable al-ʿUlā in north-west Saudi Arabia), in all probability a while during the second half of the first millennium BC. Dadan was an essential centre on the caravan route bringing frankincense from historical South Arabia to Egypt, the Levant and the Mediterranean.

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A scholarly encyclopedia with tons of upon hundreds of articles on the stays of antiquity inside the metropolis of Rome, it is a wonderful reference work for hills, streets, roads and monuments of every kind, offering historic sources and fashionable bibliographies.