Luxury retreats all around the world

Holiday is what we all enjoy and when the holiday is supposed to spend in an Island then the joy becomes double. Island represents greenery, water, beaches and ethereal beauty. When in between a busy life, one feels to go for a retreat nothing can be more soothing than a luxurious Island. So let us check out some of the best Island which are perfect for Luxury retreat.

1. The Big Island: The Big Island is located in United States which is officially known as Hawaii. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. It has something for everyone, be it a nature lover or an adventure junkie or an individual who just wants a vacation to avoid all the stress. The Big Island is the place where one can enjoy the view of beaches and national parks. The resorts offers world class service including spas, national parks and golf courses. Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world. Though all beaches are not possible to visit at one go but the experience is such that one will be compelled to explore all the beaches once he starts visiting.


2. The Bahamas: The Bahamas includes 700 Islands and if one includes the rocks and cays then the number can be more than one’s imagination. &00 island itself gives an idea of how much is there to explore. The resorts, hotels and Villas are as beautiful as it should be including all the modern facilities and equipment. Not only the outer beauty of the beaches are filled with mesmerizing beauty but also the interiors of the villas and resorts are a sight to behold. The whole Bahamas is filled with luxury retreats.


3. Thailand: Thailand, an Asian country which is known for its tropical beaches. The visit and stay to beaches is affordable compared to other luxurious beaches and their resorts. Simple yet elegant is what should be called the beauty of beaches in Thailand. Like any other Island, the resorts or villas in Thailand offers standard service and make sure that their visitor visit their beaches again and again.


4. Caribbean: Caribbean and Islands are synonyms. The Caribbean Sea which is nature’s wonder is included in the Caribbean region including the Caribbean islands. The villas and resorts are family friendly and offers the best service. They offer delicious foods which includes some of the best sea foods. There is a water park and other interesting additions for children so that if not sight-seeing children can enjoy playing with water. This is why Caribbean resorts are known for being family friendly.


5. Brazil: Brazil is not only famous for football but also famous for its beauty and beaches. Rio De Janeiro, the popular seaside city is in Brazil which is known for the beaches named Copacabana and Ipanema. Copacabana has historic forts in its both ends and Ipanema has mountains in its western end. Coming to resorts and hotels the view is unimaginable and who doesn’t know about luxury Butterfly Resort.