Maintain Home Cleanliness

Keeping the house clean is very important to be done so that the house is always healthy and protected from various diseases or dangerous chemicals. Many ways to make your home healthy by doing tips on keeping the house clean.
Tips for Maintaining Home Hygiene

Secrets Maintain Home Cleanliness to Stay Healthy and always clean and protected from various diseases,
Here are 10 Secrets for Healthy Homes to Avoid Hazardous Chemicals:

* Reduce electronic goods

For peace of mind, remove or reduce electronic goods. Use electronic panel furniture storage items such as CDs, DVDs, and other digital equipment. With that emphasis it can soothe your eyes.

* Start using objects made from microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth or cloth made from synthetic fibers (fiber) has been widely used as household appliances from clothing to mop.

* Avoid dangerous chemicals

Be careful with volatile organic compounds such as home furnishings with harmful chemicals VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), such as paints, foams, carpets can also contain VOCs. Look for products that contain no VOCs, low-odor, and no carcinogens.

* Change filter furnace as often as possible

If there is a furnace in the house, you should change in three months. This prevents the buildup of dust, mold, and pollen. It can also improve furnace efficiency as well as lower your heating bill.

* Eating organic food

This is a good way to teach children how important the freshness of food and eat food that is free from pesticides.

* Secure the power cord connections

If at home there are many cable connections that are permanent, it can be dangerous. The cables should be temporary and closed to avoid fire hazards. The best step, should you have a subscriber outlet and reliable.

* Clean your grass from chemicals

If keeping the grass around the yard should not use chemicals. If grasses require fertility or fertilization use gluten cornflour as an alternative herbicide option. For pesticide, better use Neem Oil (oil Neem) that can be diluted and sprayed. This includes safe, edible organic products.

* Always wash your refrigerator

This little thing turned out to cause something big, the part of the refrigerator that must always be washed is the part that is often touched hands or the door. Because of the habits of people who always open the fridge then take food in it. From there the germs move.

* Clean the bathroom regularly

This is usually missed and most people are lazy to do it, if it is often cleaned will reduce condensation and limit the risk of mold growth. and there are some things to how to remove the crust on a stainless steel pan

* Get used to cleaning with vacuum cleaner

If you keep a cat, it will usually be a lot of cat hairs that are scattered. To clean it in order to be completely clean use a vacum cleaner.